Inspiring Faith One Testimony At a Time

It's everywhere. 

When you pump your gas, wait for a flight or just try to relax at home after a long day. Depressing news that leaves you feeling anxious, afraid and hopeless. 

This is where you can take a break from all the news and social media noise and feed your soul some real encouragement. 

Faith Evangelist is dedicated to publishing personal faith journeys that will leave you feeling inspired, not overwhelmed. Our mission is simple: to  encourage you in your faith walk. You'll experience God's relentless love through first hand accounts of miracles, healings and even deliverance. These are real stories from real people about how God is moving mountains in their lives. 

We're proud to call it the most unique collection of faith journeys ever recorded. 

We're excited you're here. 


Love Big

The two greatest commandments emphasize love. Love the Lord with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself. No matter where you are in your faith journey this community will pour love and truth in to you along the way.

Laugh More

We're big believers that laughter and joy should be a huge part of your faith journey. Laughter can hit your reset button instantly. It's good to enjoy the little details of your day like a good cup of coffee or simple conversation with a friend. 

Learn Always

Learn you aren't alone. Learn how others are dealing with difficulties just like your's. Learn from your mistakes. Learn there is hope. 

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