Are you a new believer or someone who has known Christ for many years? Maybe you aren't even sure God exists? Everyone is welcome and it's no accident you are here.

Get ready to experience personal journeys that will fill your soul with laughter and sometimes bring a tear to your eyes. Either way, they'll challenge you to become a better Christian and show you that you aren't alone in your faith journey.You'll hear from real people who share their real mistakes in an effort inspire you. 

Find the category you're looking for and get comfortable. You can watch or listen to your favorite friends share how the Lord is working in their lives.

Enjoy the amazing ride and may God bless you abundantly!

Losing a limb brought me closer to Jesus: Tommy's Testimony

How Jesus Saved My Marriage: Jenimar's Journey

Miraculously delivered from Meth: Ryan's Journey

Journey Toward Mental Health: Danielle's Story

Free From Heroin: Pastor Alexander's Personal Journey

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