From Field Reporter to Field Evangelist: Jill's Journey

Jill Ryan, Founder

Jill Ryan was an investigative news correspondent at the top of her industry when the Lord called her to leave her career behind to inspire others. She gained notoriety for interviewing the world's elite to find out what drives them and how they balance their personal lives with their success. Jill has enjoyed the privilege of covering three presidential elections, three Category 5 hurricanes, countless high profile court cases and was one of the first reporters on the scene of the Ferguson riots. 

Jill's years of experience covering major tragedies like the Columbine and Sandy Hook school shootings help her connect with compassion. People often ask her "Who's the most famous person you ever interviewed?" She laughs and says, "It all depends on who YOU think is famous! It could be the time I interviewed the late Michael Jackson while he was dancing on top of a van or maybe the President of the United States over lunch or even O.J. Simpson as he was awaiting sentencing." Jill's work has been featured all over the world on FOX, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, HLN and included regular appearances on the Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew and Jane Velez-Mitchell shows. Jill has also enjoyed years in the talk radio circuit as a show host and news junkie. These days, she spends her time interviewing ordinary people about their extraordinary faith experiences. It's her personal mission to share stories that inspire and uplift other Christians in a world dominated by sensational and often depressing news.

Growing up Jill dealt with depression, anxiety, divorce and even spent three months homeless. She now shares her faith journey with Pastors and churches all over the world in hopes that it brings comfort to others. As a Christian, Jill emphasizes a personal relationship with the Lord over religious affiliations. Her goal is to glorify God in all she does. She's not a fan of religious labels but considers it a compliment when people tell her she's part of the hope movement. 

She lives in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida with her ridiculously spoiled Siamese cat, Frank Winston.


It's not easy...

I don't believe being a Christian is easy.

I don't believe in religious traditions.

I don't believe any mistake or sin is too big for God.

I don't believe we are supposed to keep our faith a secret.

I don't believe that God expects us to be perfect.


But it is simple.

I believe being a Christian is simple.

I believe in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

I believe Jesus is the only son of God.

I believe Jesus came down from Heaven & fully became man. 

I believe Jesus died for our sins so we can live in eternity.

I believe in the Holy Trinity.

I believe the Holy Spirit is a person. 

I believe in Biblical truths & church systems.

I believe all are called to preach the gospel & share truth. 

I believe in the power of forgiveness.

I believe in second chances. 

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